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What’s New

This year is bringing us some great new products and the revival of some old ones. Popcorn is predicted to be the “snack of the year” and will be served savory or sweet, in ice cream, croutons and everywhere in-between. Food palates will be moving beyond sweet, salty and fatty (there they go talking about our chocolate bacon!) and move to tart, acidic and bitter. Vegetables will be starring as main dishes and Asian cuisine will be in the spotlight behind the spicy and fresh flavors of Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. Yum. And, the number of local artisans will increase, making it easier to think globally without the travel. Jelly Belly has even come out with a Tabasco flavored jelly bean!

Matcha Matcha Tea
If this is the first time you have heard of Matcha Tea, it probably won’t be the last. Chefs around the world are becoming familiar with its nutritional attributes.

This beautiful green powder has been used in oriental cultures for centuries and its well-understood health properties improve more than most think or know. Only grown in Japan in remote shaded areas, the leaves are harvested and then milled to a fine powder. The health benefits of Matcha are attributed to the fact that the whole leaf is ingested rather than just the water that a ‘bagged’ tea is steeped in.

New products are being developed which include this wonderful green powder. Delish. We have a variety of Emerald Oats and a delicious Cream of Broccoli Soup made by Matcha Marketplace of Phoenix, Arizona. Add water or milk and microwave. We sell them in single-serving variety packs but you can also purchase your favorite single flavors.

Oatmeal flavors are: Lemon Ginger, Cranberry Almond, Strawberry, Orange Cream, Apple Cinnamon.
Soup flavors: Cream of Broccoli and Vegetable.

Hot Enough for Ya?Ghost Peppers Products
Yes, we have them and they are hot. BBQ Sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, Seasoning, HOT Sauce and Salsa. Find them in our Themed Section.

Custom Orders Custom Baskets are our Specialty
Do you need a kosher, gluten-free or sugar-free gift assortment?  Call us and we will put together something special for you.   We do fruit baskets but only for local delivery.  And, keep in mind that we can make up just about any theme or price range your occasion requires.  This is particularly helpful for businesses that need all types of gifts.